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Short Film

20 minute Drama


Director Jenny Hicks

Writer    Jenny Hicks


A young cattleman’s suicide drives a remote community to the pub to drown their grief. But you can’t drown your troubles, because troubles can swim. This film is that wake.  And as a result of it, a young man’s maturing.


For this small town and the millions of acres of grazing country around it, the pub is a magnet and the community’s unofficial headquarters.  Alcohol abuse is a rite of passage, a measure of manhood and a way of life.

This film is a raucous, reckless romp of a story about getting shit faced.

It is a film for young rural and regional party animals who love to binge drink, but gives them a subtle warning – Booze gives you The Blues.


Grim Statistics in Australia.

There is one attempted suicide every ten minutes. 7 suicides a day.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. 

Males in rural and remote communities have suicide rates 3 times higher than their urban counterparts. Alcohol is involved in 60% of suicides.

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