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(DALE FRANK ARTIST! Sizzle reel)

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(The Stranger. Short Film. Trailer)

The Stranger laurel poster.jpeg

Psychological Drama

20 minutes

When a stranger arrives at an isolated farmhouse in the middle of the night, the farmer’s wife is convinced he is a murderer. In the light of day she is forced to confront her prejudices.


Starring:  Fiona Press, Steve Bisley and Harry Greenwood.


Writer/Director: Jenny Hicks

Producers: Nate Heinz & Harriet Dixon Smith

Casting: Dany Long

Cinematographer: Sam Steinle
Production Designer: Stephanie Dunlop

Costume Designer: Keerthi Subramanyam

Editor:  Alex Cox

Sound Designer: Sean Doyle

Composer: Daniel O’Brien


Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Television & Radio School


Nominated for Sydney Film Festival Dendy Award 2021

Nominated for Australian Director’s Guild Award for Best Student Director 2021



5 minutes


5 Bushrangers. 3 shots. Then there was 4.


Tropfest – ‘Umbrella’ 2005



Anthony Hayes, Nathaniel Dean,

Leeanna Walsman and Patrick Brammall


Writer/Director: Jenny Hicks

Producer: Naomi Wenck

Cinematographer: Anna Howard

Editor:  Andrew Macneil

Percussion: Ben Carey

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